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14375RE: [Hybrid] Re: Morning Sci Fi Press Quotes

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  • Simon Jones
    Jun 3, 2003
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      Seriously critical huh?
      Name me one 'small' or 'big' magazine or website that marks anything less
      than a 6 and I'll give you a medal. Most publications / portals dont even
      bother reviewing the absolute sh!t out there..

      Besides. A review is just an opinion. Open your mind, use your own ears
      and judgment. I agree about the Mixmag comments though, but then again they
      do have to keep the people who run adverts in their magazines happy..

      >Well, you do understand that these small review sites can't afford risking
      >to lose their sources for promos, so they basically lick the label /
      >distributor's asses as much as they can.
      >I don't believe this excuse though.
      >Given the chance, I'd love to do some seriously critical reviews :)
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