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14362Re: [Hybrid] Re: Morning Sci Fi Press Quotes

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  • Antti Mutta
    Jun 3, 2003
      Well, you do understand that these small review sites can't afford risking
      to lose their sources for promos, so they basically lick the label /
      distributor's asses as much as they can.

      I don't believe this excuse though.

      Given the chance, I'd love to do some seriously critical reviews :)


      > Sorry, but after reading silly quotes like that the last thing I
      > would want to do is waste my time reading an ad that disguises
      > itself as a review. Couldn't people think of some better metaphors?
      > Why not "evoking everything from Pink Floyd to Mozart" for that
      > case? I can see fans of MA and Vangelis picking up the album based
      > on that comparison and being slightly baffled. And the classic
      > journo catchphrases "dance floor mayhem" and "comedown comfort"
      > picked from the "Reviews For Dummies" handbook? After reading quite
      > a few Muzik & Mixmag reviews over the years I swear at least half of
      > their articles include those whored to death phrases.
      > Bog standard journalism...
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