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14331Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid DJ style

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  • ally@hybrid-group.com
    Jun 2, 2003
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      I think this subject is basically a matter of opinion and also
      depends on what mood they're both in on the night.

      I usually think that Chris plays slightly more progressive and Mike
      is maybe a little more adventurous. I love both their sets though.

      Their style also depends a great deal on the audience / venue. In my opinion, their sets at larger clubs (such as Fabric) are more progressive and their sets at more intimate clubs are a lot dirtier.

      But...all the above is arguable and a generalisation.


      > Chris spins nuskool breaks, usally on the dirty side which I like
      as well and
      > Mike spins more trance/house stuff. The cool thing though is the
      tracks Mike
      > plays are usally a lil dark as well, so you get the best of both
      worlds. Ive
      > seen them DJ about 3 times and its always good times regardless of
      who is
      > playing.
      > PK
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