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14329Re: [Hybrid] Hybrid DJ style

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  • Phil Stewart
    Jun 1, 2003
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      On Sat, 29 May 2004, Lulu Hall wrote:
      > Hi! can anyone enlighten me to what sort of style Mike & Chris DJ I
      > have heard 1 of them @ Sankeys before but, don't know which one it
      > was! I was talking to a friend about them both playing Tangled in July
      > & they said they like Chris but not Mike! I couldn't work out why
      > unless they have different styles, my friend says Chris plays dirtier,
      > if this true I will prefer him myself ; ) Please excuse my ignorance
      > (again).

      I've mostly just heard the sets off hybridized.org, etc, and for the most
      part not really known who mixed which set. So I don't know who generally
      does the filthier sets, but then I like dirty and chilled in equal
      quantity :-)

      From Phil
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