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14325RE: [Hybrid] Hybrid @ Fabric this Friday

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  • Nick Bower
    May 30, 2003
      Yes I'll be putting in a drunken appearance tonight.

      As Si said, I'm moving on to another job and today is my last day, so
      apologies if you see me tonight in Fabric and I'm slightly incoherent
      and I'm spilling drink on my shoes...well more than usual ;P

      Seriously, should be a cool night (though hot weather in Londinium
      tonight) and I hope to bump into a few of you lot that might be coming
      down to shake a leg to the sounds of those Hybrid laddies.

      As I'm leaving my present job today it means that after today I won't be
      contactable via nick.bower@.... I'll re-emerge some time next
      week, once I'm settled in my new job, under a new email guise.



      >Can we have a last minute show of hands on who's going tonight??
      >I'll be there with some friends
      >I'm just doing this to warn the people that are going that Nick Bower
      is finishing his current job today and is moving to >new "executive"
      pastures in another job on Monday. So he's currently having an afternoon
      in "meetings" down the local pub >to his office.... So if you see him
      tonight he will already be wrecked but I'm sure that he'll appreciate
      being bought a >drink in celebration!
      >See you there
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