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1430Re: [Hybrid] Im Well Aware

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  • Devon Henderson
    Jan 4, 2001
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      On Thu, 04 January 2001, Nordcore37@... wrote:
      > I have evey remix hybrid has ever done...including ones
      > that "Remixology" page didnt have

      Oooh! If you have a spare second, can you tell me what tracks I don't have listed?

      Hehe.. I get way too excited about Hybrid remixes. I think I need to start a Remix Collectors Anonymous club or something...

      "Hi, my name is Devon.." :)

      > I made the poll because i like to see what other people think - i was
      > going to put all the mixes - but its limited to 25, so i only put
      > some of the better ones...
      > either way - thats cool - im gonna post a list of my hybrid stuff,
      > and see if anyone call fill in the blanks of artists and stuff...
      > Thanks for responding
      > Nordcore

      I'd be totally willing to fill in some blanks. :) Post away!

      - dev0n
      - www.dev0n.com/hybrid/

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