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140Re: [HybridUK] US release?

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  • Gen Kanai
    Apr 6, 2000
      At 02:03 AM 4/7/00 +0000, you wrote:
      > I've been looking around quite a bit for this information but
      >nobody seems to know anything. I was just wondering if Wide Angle is
      >EVER going to be released in the United States?

      The Japan import is worth owning for the 2nd "live @ Chemistry Club" cd
      which rocks my world...

      That said, Distinct'ive was supposed to be distributed by Thrive in the
      US. Thrive was dropped by WEA (Warner) and thus Hybrid lost it's US
      distribution (it was supposed to be out in March.)

      I've chatted with folks at Distinct'ive and they tell me that !K7 has
      picked up the slack for most of Thrive's US catalog including all of the
      Global Underground stuff (i.e. Anthony Pappa NUBREED which we must all own
      one day.) Whether they will distribute Hybrid is yet to be known...I'm not
      holding my breath though.

      Maybe we can all send emails to !K7 (I know the emails of the right guys
      there) and maybe we can convince them to distribute "Wide Angle" here in
      the US?

      What say you all?

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