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13299Re: [Hybrid] New album :)

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  • brian elder
    Mar 31, 2003
      Cant help but hear "Take a Picture" by Filter. Not a criticism though.
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      From: "oddball" <oddball@...>

      > Was listening to 'Out Of The Dark' from the MoS set again today. Luvly
      > jubbly. It's not a half bad track. Great music and production as usual. I
      > even don't mind the vocal. It reminds me of some other track though I
      > quite put my finger on. Something Hybrid remixed I think too. Will have to
      > dig around and figure it out. Maybe someone else can hear it and point the
      > finger. ;)
      > Only thing that irritates me a little is the timing of the vocal. I like
      > vocals tight on the beat, whereas the vocals on this track tend to be
      > slightly out of step.
      > Other than that it sounds good! I will reserve final judgement for when
      > album is out however.
      > Glad to see Hybrid getting back to the 'dark side' of the music :)
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