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12730Re: [Hybrid] Ultra rare Alanis Morisette - So Pure (Hybrid Mix)

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  • simon@digitalartists.co.uk
    Mar 12, 2003
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      Sorry about the slight delay in reply but i have been away for a week and now
      have over 250 hybrid messages to scan through.

      good clear copies of this tune are one thing.. i would give my right arm for a
      good qulity copy of this on vinyl.

      The reason i objected to the last one is becuase someone was selling a copy
      which also has a bootleg copy of FSOL - hybrid mix.. which you can buy no
      problmes over the counter.

      bootlegs of a tune that will never be released is one thing, but doing it and
      bolting on tunes which are avliable in the shops if just rough... and it takes
      money from the artists pockets...

      Well thats my thoughts.



      Quoting twiceblessedman <celticslang@...>:

      > Why is it rough at all. Most everyone on this list
      > owns this in some format or another. It is what it is,
      > a bootleg, created by Hybrid to be appreciated by all
      > who can attain a copy.
      > > I think its a bit rough promoting bootlegs for sale
      > > on an hybrid fans email
      > > list.
      > >
      > > :(
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