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12503Re: [Hybrid] Ultra rare Alanis Morisette - So Pure (Hybrid Mix)

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  • Phil Stewart
    Mar 4 6:59 AM
      On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, twiceblessedman wrote:
      > > I think its a bit rough promoting bootlegs for sale
      > > on an hybrid fans email
      > > list.
      > Why is it rough at all. Most everyone on this list
      > owns this in some format or another. It is what it is,
      > a bootleg, created by Hybrid to be appreciated by all
      > who can attain a copy.

      The bootleg in question is the Alanis / FSOL / Intensify bootleg that did
      the rounds a year or two back (if this is the same auction as the one I
      came across the other day, which I'm guessing it is). The Papua New Guinea
      mix is now released, as are the two fragrances of Intensify on the
      flipside. The *only* thing you could possibly want it for is the So Pure
      mix, but I can tell you now that you might as well save your money - this
      bootleg ranged from bad to dire in audio quality. In that, and pretty much
      every other sense, this bootleg really is rough. Yes, I own a copy, but
      I've since bought copies of everything else that's on it too.

      Anyone with a hankering for the So Pure remix should get RAAPB on vinyl -
      I reckon I prefer the instrumental anyway :-)

      From Phil
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