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11247Re: [Hybrid] Re: OT: 5.1 (was: re: Massive Attack "100th Window")

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  • Phil Stewart
    Jan 7, 2003
      On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, c_chilton <c_chilton@...> wrote:
      > > However I would love to hear what Hybrid could come up with in
      > proper a 5.1
      > > Dolby Digital or DTS mix. :)
      > omg omg omg! it was meant to beeee! you know its only a matter of
      > time until the boys get jiggy with some 5.1 stuff :)

      Me thinks that the stupid chart release rules could be worked to great
      effect here - I would *love* to have a three format release, with a 5.1
      mix on DVD. Not much scope for remixes on such a release though :-/

      From Phil
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