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11239OT: 5.1 (was: re: Massive Attack "100th Window")

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  • oddball
    Jan 6, 2003
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      5.1 can work rather well depending on what type of music it is and how it
      was mixed. I have a few DTS surround sound CD's that are rather good. I
      also have a 5.1 remix of Carl Cox Phuture 2000 in AC3 format that was on
      the DVD single. It's interesting but not a great mix IMHO. The best
      soundtracks that benefit from 5.1 usually tend to be symphonic scores or
      ambient music. Probably because they have a reverberation that works well
      in spreading the soundstage.

      Dolby Pro Logic II Music mode is a new DSP mode on newer amps/recievers
      that emulates 5.1 from a stereo source. This may sound like some of those
      virtual surround methods that add reverb etc and normally I would shy away
      from such a thing. But I've been listening to it and it's miles better than
      any previous surround sound emulation. It's totally discrete meaning no
      reverb is added and no extra noise. It does something to the signal I
      barely comprehend. But the results are amazing! I find myself listening to
      more and more music in this mode. It adds depth and ambience without
      additional noise or effects. You have to hear it to believe it really.
      Stuff that benefits from it mostly is again classical pieces and ambient
      stuff like FSOL type music. But stuff like Hybrid etc also benefits from
      the big soundscapes it can produce.

      However I would love to hear what Hybrid could come up with in proper a 5.1
      Dolby Digital or DTS mix. :)

      >Isn't 5.1 rubbish for music though? I thought it was only good for movies, I
      >always found that it centralises the vocals too much and messes it all up,
      >on Pro logic anyway... I suppose it depends on what they do with the
      >technology, I've never really heard 5.1 music (except in films) so I'm a
      >bit aprehensive :)
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