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10644Re: [Hybrid] DJ_Magazine's_Top_100 (what your head Tiesto)

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  • Russell V
    Nov 7 9:14 AM
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      IMHO the thing about breaks is its not instantly gratifying. Music like trance, garage etc gets going a lot quicker than breaks, and you know, a lot of people won't give a tune a second chance if its not going mental or doesn't sound phat after 30 seconds of play. Another thing is mainstream music seems to be cherry-picking genres like breaks - has anyone noticed how many more breaks there are in todays music compared with say, the 90's.

      Even if breaks does make it big - all it will do is create a commercial-type breaks market, which is essentially what Garage music is becoming anyway..

      Besides, if theres anything I hate more its stupid robotic Rude Boys telling me some music is really phat, and they show it to you and its something you've known about for ages, and its exactly what they kept telling you is boring and crap, usually not very long before.

      Anyway, just one more thing to say and thats some imprtant info on the green Jellybabies someone mentioned earlier. They slowly turn you into an elf when you sleep and you will be taken in the middle of the night to join the elven underground rave culture, where they play stolen tracks from messageboards, and defend themself with toothpicks and mushrooms of mass-destruction, and with their power, will eventually find the one who is prophesised to bring them to ascencion. You have been warned.


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      > > I bet my bottom dollar that breaks will be one of the big music
      > > genres of next year.
      > Funny, people have been saying that since 1998, I still don't think it's
      > anymore likely to happen.
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