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10090Re: [Hybrid] Thump Tracklisting / Tears from the Moon

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  • Andy Grundman
    Oct 10, 2002
      This is a post by Rhys Fulber on the Delerium mailing list about the Conjure
      One album:
      OK. There are four versions of the album. The US main version with 11
      songs and a US limited edition with an extra CD with four remixes on it.
      The Canadian version has Sleep (Carmen's Serenity mix) and Premonition
      (feat. Jeff Martin) as bonus tracks in addition to the 11 songs. Then there
      is a Canadian limited edition with the 13 tracks plus the 4 song remix bonus
      CD. Now I'm confused!

      Another post regarding the Hybrid remix and 12":
      This mix is the bomb. There is a Hybrid dub mix as well that's a fair bit
      different. These are coming on vinyl soon, on two 12"s. After Sleep is
      done being worked. (currently #15 in the Billboard club chart!!) I was a
      fan of Hybrid for ages, and was stoked to get this mix.
      cheers, rf

      So yes there will be a 12". And there is a mix we haven't heard yet!!


      > The Conjure One album has been released - (have a look at amazon etc),
      > but if you're after 'Tears From The Moon' (Hybrid's Twisted On The
      > Terrace Mix) you're going to have to hunt down the CD with the bonus
      > remix disc (includes other mixes by Robbie Rivera and Max Graham etc).
      > Unsure about a 12" of Conjure One...perhaps someone else knows?
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