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10086Re: [Hybrid] OT: Sasha-Northern Exposure 1

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  • olic660
    Oct 10, 2002
      --- In HybridUK@y..., "michaeljschumacher100" <michael@o...> wrote:
      > Hi guys..My first post. Well I personally wouldn't pay that much for
      > the CD although I paid £200 for the 3x vinyl.

      £200 is ridiculous! It usually goes for £150 max...

      > I suppose it comes
      > down to how much you value it. I have every Hybrid track (except
      > one) on Vinyl and paid through the nose for the Forgiven mix . It's
      > well worth it though.

      I hope it isn't the bootleg!!!

      > The one I don't have is the Original Symphony that was featured
      > on Northern Exposure 1, and I'm not talking about the one that
      > was officially released. If anyone has a copy I'd be prepared to
      > offer £100 + for it. Guess I'm just a vinyl junkie but there are very
      > few tracks I'd be prepeared to spend a large amount of money
      > on. Hybrid are different though as is BT.

      U mean the one on NE2.... I dont think this is available... is it?
      The original symphony was only released in promo form, and you are
      welcome to mine for £100 :) However, it isnt the same as the one on
      NE2, because I get the impression listening to it now that it has
      simply been extended on Pro Tools with some effects added in, there
      are several loops that just seem to have been extended and the odd
      phase/flange effect... making it 4 mins longer than the promo copy i
      have. Correct me if i'm wrong though!
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