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Re: [EMHL] intersection KIo.OH

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  • John Conway
    ... I like Enclave , but probably won t use it here because it doesn t give a nice term for its center. The best plan I ve come up with so far is to call the
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 7, 2000
      On Wed, 7 Jun 2000, Dick Tahta wrote:

      > Thank you, by the way, for yet another of one of your helpful
      > explanations - this time about extraversion. You also wrote recently
      > about the Arena and mentioned that you would think of another term. I
      > wondered whether Enclave (of radius e/3!) would do? Or perhaps Zone.

      I like "Enclave", but probably won't use it here because it
      doesn't give a nice term for its center. The best plan I've come
      up with so far is to call the boundary of this circle the "(Guinard)
      Ring", and its center "the Ring center, R", and to keep "Arena",
      since after all that's a good word for what's inside a ring.

      I may have forgotten to alert Hyacinthians to the fact that
      some conjectures I made about the loci of In and Is turned
      out to be false. These loci aren't in fact the standard Arena
      and its complement, but are interestingly related to them. I
      was meaning to work out the exact details, but didn't yet get
      around to it.

      Can someone (Antreas or Paul?) please send me the barycentrics
      for the focus of the Kiepert parabola? I want to "locate" it,
      and in particular, to see if there's some nice relation to the
      center of his hyperbola, namely the infraSteiner point iS,
      which I recently did locate, as the Ring-inverse of K. I have
      an idea that the parallel to the Euler line through either the
      Kiepert focus or the Kiepert vertex should go through some
      interesting points.

      Thanks in advance,

      John Conway
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