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5827Re: [EMHL] Greek Terrorists (was: Construction of ABC from O, H, I)

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  • alex
    Aug 5, 2002
      And, dear Antreas?
      You are math., and so on.
      You are very under suspicious.
      Have You read Chesterton?(I forget the name, likewise 'man of wednesday')
      Do You remember Moriarti?
      (famous professor, but Konan-Doil knew nothing about math.)
      So, I want to say more, but I can't.
      Sorry-languge problem.
      But my all phrase- is only a joke.
      It's very hard to laugh in another language.
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      From: "Antreas P. Hatzipolakis" <xpolakis@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, August 03, 2002 8:03 PM
      Subject: [EMHL] Greek Terrorists (was: Construction of ABC from O, H, I)

      > Nikolaos Dergiades <ndergiades@...> wrote:
      > >Dear all. May I break our silence?
      > >Today is a great date for Greece.
      > >The considered as leader of the terroristic group 17N
      > >has been arrested in a small greek island.
      > >He was known in this island under a pseudonym and
      > >occupation as teacher of Mathematics.
      > >
      > >Why mister declare mathematician?
      > Today visited him (his real name is Alexandros Yiotopoulos) in the prison,
      > his French woman-friend.
      > Among the books she gave him, was a huge volume entitled MATHS,
      > but I didn't see more bibliographic details in the TV news.
      > No surprise if he is a real mathematician!
      > Cf. the Polish-American Unabomber (Theodore Kaczynski)
      > See: http://www.rpi.edu/~bulloj/tjk/tjk.html
      > Note also that the most wanted person by Greek Police, the terrorist
      > Demetrios Koufontinas, is also a mathematician, at least this is what he
      > APH
      > PS: And personal surprise:
      > While I was in Crete, I learnt from TV news that the first house of the
      > (full of guns and rockets!) was at 84 Patmou Street, Athens.
      > My house is at 81 Patmou Street!
      > aph
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