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4471Supplement and Antisupplement

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  • Quim Castellsaguer
    Dec 1, 2001
      As I am reading some old messages sent by Steve about Anallagmatic
      Cubics I have found in message 2300 the terms "supplementary" and
      "antisupplementary" paired with "complementary" and "anticomplementary".
      The last two are well known to me, and Clark in the Glossary at ETC
      defines "complement" and "anticomplement" for points collinear with G:
      "P is the complement of Q if G trisects PQ and is closer to P than Q"
      "P is the anticomplement of Q if G trisects PQ and is closer to Q than
      The terms "supplement" and "antisupplement" must denote something like
      that but are referred to I at the place of G. I don't find a short
      definition of them. I know only that if the supplement of P is Q, P and
      Q are homologous in an homology with pole I and axis the tripolar of I
      (called sometimes the anti-orthic axis) carrying the vertexs to the
      Is there a shorter definition and construction of the supplementary and
      antisupplementary points?

      Greetings from Barcelona

      Quim Castellsaguer