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22502Re: Radical Center - OI line

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  • Antreas Hatzipolakis
    Jul 6, 2014

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      From: Angel Montesdeoca
      Date: Mon, Jul 7, 2014 at 3:15 AM
      Subject: [EGML] Re: Radical Center - OI line
      To: Anopolis@yahoogroups.com



      Let (Na), (Nb), (Nc) be the NPCs of IBC,ICA,IAB, resp.
      and (N'a), (N'b), (N'c) their reflections in AI,BI,CI, resp.
       I think that the radical center of (N'a), (N'b), (N'c) is
      lying on the OI line (and probably I have posted it before!)

      ****  The radical center of (N'a), (N'b), (N'c) is
      X(5048) = inverse-in-incircle of X(3057), 

      X(5048) is the reflection of X(1319) = Bevan-Schröder Point  in I

      Angel M.

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