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22001TCS: P20

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  • Antreas
    Aug 25, 2013
      [Hatzipolakis - Montesdeoca]

      Let ABC be a triangle and A'B'C' the medial triangle.


      Gab,Gac = the centroids of GAB',GAC', resp.

      Gbc,Gba = the centroids of GBC',GBA', resp.

      Gca,Gcb = the centroids of GCA',GCB', resp.

      Let O1, O2 be the circumcenters of GabGbcGca, GacGbaGcb

      The midpoint of O1O2 is:

      (47a^2SA + 32SB SC : 47b^2SB + 32SA SC : 47c^2SC + 32SA SB)

      with (6-9-13)-search number 3.618176911942915215753809149

      Mon Aug 26