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    Apr 16, 2013
      The following paper has been published in Forum Geometricorum. It can be viewed at


      The editors
      Forum Geometricorum

      Paul Yiu, On the conic through the intercepts of the three lines through the centroid and the intercepts of a given line,
      Forum Geometricorum, 13 (2013) 87--102.

      Abstract. Let L be a line intersecting the sidelines of triangle ABC at X, Y, Z respectively. The lines joining these intercepts to the centroid give rise to six more intercepts on the sidelines which lie on a conic Q(L,G). We show that this conic (i) degenerates in a pair of lines if L is tangent to the Steiner inellipse, (ii) is a parabola if L is tangent to the ellipse containing the trisection points of the sides, (iii) is a rectangular hyperbola if L is tangent to a circle C_G with center G. We give a ruler and compass construction of the circle C_G. Finally, we also construct the two lines each with the property that the conic Q(L,G) is a circle.

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