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21313Re: your most interesting geometrical feature of this year

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  • Francisco Javier
    Dec 8, 2012
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      Chris, I think that it is a good idea. However I don't know if I have something interesting to give here. Along the year, I added in English a few entries to my blog http://garciacapitan.blogspot.com.es/

      * Concurrent Brocard Axes
      * Orthology of Pedal and Cevian Triangles
      * Three Parallel Segments
      * A conic centered at the Euler line
      * A property of the orthocentroidal circle

      In addition, I suggest to take a look to two peruvian sites dedicated to problem solving in Geometry (they are in Spanish, but they also contains a lot of figures, perhpaps one of them grab your attention)



      Finally, I wonder how many of the 641 members are really active (at least their mail adddress is working and they receive the posts. I am also really interested in how many of them are Spanish, I accept private emails telling it.
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