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14700[EMHL] Re: Locus of Simson line intersection point

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  • jpehrmfr
    Jan 6, 2007
      Dear Quang Tuan Bui
      in order to generalize the Steiner deltoid, we can look at the locus of
      the orthopoles of the lines tangent to a given circle with center O; we
      get the cycloidal curves we were talking about.
      An other way to generalize is the following :
      For M lying on the circumcircle, let A1, B1, C1 lie on the sidelines of
      ABC such as the three oriented line angles (BC, MA'), (CA, MB'), (AB,
      MC') have the same fixed value w.
      Then A1,B1,C1 lie on a same line and this line envelops a deltoid
      touching the sidelines of ABC. This deltoid is "centered" at U, lying
      on the perpendicular bisector of OH and such as <NUO =w.
      The ratio of a similitude mapping the Steiner deltoid to this deltoid
      is 1/sin(w)
      Some properties of this deltoid and the connection with Mac Beath's
      works have been discussed in Hyacinthos.
      See, for instance #9934, #9947+ and the file Mac Beath.pdf
      Friendly. Jean-Pierre
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