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10975RE: [EMHL] circumcevian reflections

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  • Floor en Lyanne van Lamoen
    Jan 5, 2005
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      Dear Antreas,

      > [FvL]:
      > >If A'B'C' is a circumcevian triangle, and A"B"C" are the reflections of
      > >A'B'C' through the sides of ABC, then the circles (ABC), (A"B"C), (A"BC")
      > >and (AB"C") are concurrent in one point.
      > Isn't it equivalent to this:
      > The circumcircle of ABC and its reflections on the sidelines
      > of ABC are concurrent ?

      No, you mixed up with (A"BC), (AB"C) and (ABC") are concurrent in one point

      Kind regards,
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