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1203ANHRI:U.A.E : The life of a prisoner of conscience at stake

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  • Human Rights First Society
    Aug 1, 2011
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      U.A.E : The life of a prisoner of conscience at stake

      Attempts to assault Ahmed Mansour in Al-Wathba prison and depriving him from health care

      Cairo – August 1st 2011

      ANHRI said today that Emirati authorities have to stop abusing the Emirati prisoner of conscience, blogger and activist Ahmed Mansour. He has been ill treated to the extent that he was not provided health care. Although he is still under pending trial confinement, he was held with sentenced criminal convicts after being released from solitary confinement; which had been an unjustified and arbitrary punishment in itself.

      It has come to ANHRI's knowledge that Ahmed Mansour is not only facing terrible conditions imposed by the prison administration, but is also facing incitement by a number of prisoners to assault him inside his cell. It was intended to look like a fight inside the prison, but all these attempts failed due to Mansour's maturity and calmness, which deprived Al-Wathba prison administration in Abu Dhabi city from abusing him even more.

      Ahmed Mansour and four other activists are facing charges of insulting the president of the state, stirring sectarian strife, and destabilization. These charges come after their electronic participations through the on-line forum "Emirati dialogue (Emirati Hiwar Forum)", without specifying the nature of these charges.

      "The practices of the prison administration against Ahmed Mansour are disturbing. It is difficult to imagine that these are individual practices by a bad administration of this prison. The big picture is clear when we link the blackout attitude on the case, and the defamation campaign against him and his fellow prisoners of conscience." Said ANHRI. "If these practices continue, U.A.E will turn from a moderate state to a despotic state"

      ANHRI added "The U.A.E. Authorities have to take the initiative to protect all the rights of Ahmed Mansour and other activists, as well as protect them from all the harassments they are facing, in order to prove that it is serious about respecting the principles of human rights, especially freedom of opinion and expression"

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