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1192URGENT:Saudi Government should release 100 Shea protesters in the Eastern Prov.

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  • Human Rights First Society
    Mar 23, 2011
      URGENT: Saudi Government should release 100 Shea protesters in the Eastern Province

      During the peaceful protests last week in the Eastern Province, in the Shea populated areas of Safwa, Qatif and its villages and Alhassa 100 protesters were arrested. The peaceful demonstrators were calling for the release of the Nine Forgotten Shea prisoners from the mid 1990s and were protesting the Gulf forces intervention in Bahrain as well as the crackdown on the demonstrators in Manama and other Bahrain villages.

      Human Rights First Society is appalled by the reports that some of these 100 detainees were subjected to physical and psychological torture particularly in Alhassa.

      Human Rights First Society calls on the Saudi government for the immediate release of these peaceful demonstrators and full investigation into the accusations of physical and psychological torture to which some of the detainees were subjected.

      HRFS condemns the intervention of the security forces against peaceful demonstrators and calls for the full legitimization of all kinds of freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia.

      Human Rights First Society, Saudi Arabia

      March 23, 2011