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1191URGENT: Immediate Freedom for the Syrian publisher Dr. Alaaeddin Alrashi

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  • Human Rights First Society
    Mar 23, 2011
      URGENT: Immediate Freedom for the Syrian publisher Dr. Alaaeddin Alrashi

      Dr. Alaaeddin Alrashi, a book publisher from Syria, who was invited by the Saudi Ministry of Information to participate in the Riyadh International Book Fair, was kidnapped at 8:00 pm, March 21, 2011, in front of his residence where he was trying to stop a taxi to go with his wife to do some errands. When his wife came down from their flat she did not find her husband; she felt abandoned, afraid and did not know what to do. Dr. Alaaeddin is 31 with 4 children.

      Dr. Alaaeddin is a writer and a publisher from Syria who is an active member in the Arab Commission for Human Rights (ACHR) in Paris.

      Dr. Abdullah Alhamid told HRFS that Dr. Alaaeddin has published at least five of his books calling for a constitutional monarchy in Saudi Arabia and that he was interested in publishing books about constitutions and civil society.

      Human Rights First Society deplores and condemns the illegal kidnapping of Dr. Alaaeddin Alrashi, without notifying his wife, a guest from Syria who feels like a stranger in Saudi Arabia.

      HRFS calls for the immediate intervention of the National Society of Human Rights and the Human Rights Committee on behalf of Dr. Alaaeddin Alrashi and his wife both invited guests to Saudi Arabia.

      HRFS calls on all international human rights organizations to sound their voices loud and clear calling for the immediate, unconditional release of Dr. Alaaeddin Alrashi.

      Human Rights First Society, Saudi Arabia

      March 23, 2011