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1186Full Condemnation for the Outrageous Suppression of the Demonstration in Qatif

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  • Human Rights First Society
    Mar 10, 2011
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      Full Condemnation for the Outrageous Suppression of the Demonstration in Qatif - March 10

      HRFS followed closely what happened last night in King Abdulaziz Street in Qatif where police forces used deplorable force to suppress the peaceful demonstration and where several demonstrators where injured.

      HRFS condemns, with the loudest and clearest words, the use of all kinds of force to disperse demonstrators particularly when live ammunition was used last night against the demonstrators in Qatif.

      We call on the Custodian Of The Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and the Saudi government to apply self constraint in dealing with the demonstrators today, we ask that all police forces be kept away from the streets or be completely neutralized and if the government insists on their presence then they should be stripped of all kinds of weapons.

      It is the duty of the Saudi government to respect declarations, conventions and international treaties pertaining to freedom of expression that have been signed by this government.

      HRFS calls on the international community to condemn what happened in Qatif last night.

      HRFS also calls for a clear statement from the National Society of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia condemning this outrageous action by the security forces or for the NSHR to close down.