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Re: [HSS] Detroit-Lubricator problem on 25 Hudson

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  • Geoff Clark
    ... I should qualify my remark. I adapted a Stewart Carby to my 29 Hudson, at short notice, when the Marvel bowl cracked one day before we were to depart on
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 1, 2003
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      Hudson29@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 06/30/03 7:19:51 PM, geoffclark@... writes:
      > The Stewart carbys are virtually indestructable, and
      > extremely relicble, but one problem which is a result of the
      > modern
      > rubbish which passes for gasoline, is that they do not
      > dissipate heat
      > easily, and can vapour-lock very badly in hot weather.
      > This surprises me. I have often had such bad vapour lock in the
      > '29 that I had to manually vent the float bowl by pushing down on the
      > float depressor button on top of the float bowl. I had thought the
      > Stewart would be better even if for no other reason than it has a
      > proper vacuum tank supplying it. The electric pump on the '29 can be
      > merciless.
      > Paul O'Neil, Hudson29@...
      > Fullerton, California USA

      I should qualify my remark. I adapted a Stewart Carby to my '29 Hudson,
      at short notice, when the Marvel bowl cracked one day before we were to
      depart on a major rally. I made up an adapter to bolt to the underside
      of the top inlet elbow, with a short extension down past the exhaust
      manifold, and a flange to bolt the Stewart to, and a blanking plate on
      the exhaust manifild hot-spot. It performed much better than the
      Marvel, except when it got hot, and then it was almost impossible to
      get the fuel to flow through from the bowl to the bottom chamber of the
      dashpot, from where it is drawn into the main nozzle. So in it's
      original application on the side-valve super sixes, where it is tucked
      away under the inlet manifold away from the heat, it would probably not
      have this problem. I tried heat deflectors, turning the carby around so
      the float bowl was next to the outside, to no avail, and the only way I
      could stop the vapour-locking was to run a length of large demister hose
      from the throat of the carburettor, and out to the front under the
      radiator, from where it could suck nice cold air. This was a permanent
      fix, until I later on managed to find a bronze base for the original
      Marvel. Of course as well as cold air, it could also suck dust, bees,
      bugs, etc, but the engine seemed to swallow all those components without
      any problems, apart from one extra large bumble bee which got stuck in
      the space between the nozzle and the intake throat, holding the dashpot
      up, with huge explosions from the exhaust, and the engine refusing to
      run except at full throttle. If it had not been for the sake of
      originality, I would probably have left it there, as it is a much
      better unit than the muck-metal Marvels. The fact that is made of solid
      brass means it soaks up heat, instead of dissipating it hence the
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