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RE: [HuachucaCityAz] Broadband now in Huachuca City!

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  • Laura Wallace
    I totally agree with Jann..I have had it for a few weeks now and LOVE it!! Now the hard part, switching all the email over :-) Laura _____ From:
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 22, 2005
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      I totally agree with Jann……I have had it for a few weeks now and LOVE it!!  Now the hard part, switching all the email over J



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      Subject: [HuachucaCityAz] Broadband now in Huachuca City !


      We found out from a friend of mine that there is now a wireless
      broadband internet connection here in HC.

      We moved here 12/02 and waited for the day that we'd get high
      speed internet.  We contacted Cox, Qwest, and other high-speed
      internet but none offered it in the area. Frustrating since SV is
      right down the road.  Oh well...dial up it is. 

      We heard that Clark Info Systems installed wireless broadband in
      Huachuca City and Whetstone. They came to install it in about 2 hours
      we had it up and running.  They put an 'extender' antenna on the north
      side of our roof which is the closest 'access point' to the main
      antenna, which I think they said was at City Hall.

      They drilled a hole through the northern wall for the wires to go
      through inside the house (in our case, the master bedroom).  There is
      a router with a built in firewall that has 4 ports for the ethernet
      cables.  They cleaned up their mess, and even contacted us about 4
      days after it was installed to check on us.

      It is awesome, IMHO!!!  We originally had 2 phone lines (one dedicated
      for internet); an earthlink account and an accelerator, which we
      figured to cost around $50 monthly. Now we have the ability to view
      the web so many times faster with the broadband for about the same
      price! :)

      No, I'm not selling it, but I thought I'd share with you that I found
      a way to finally get high speed internet here!  You can find them on
      the web @ http://www.cis-broadband.com/

      Jann Perry, who's finally "zoomin' in HC!"

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