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150County boundary

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  • Dave
    Sep 12, 2008
      I was looking at a map I got from the county that shows the boundaries
      of the county and Huachuca City. What I found odd is that the boundary
      line of the county gives way to the city line allowing for the easement
      in front of George Nerhan's property to be classified as city.

      If that's true, is the city responsible for that stretch of road? I
      ask because I live further out off of Hunt Ranch Trail and for those of
      us that live out here we 'have' to use that easement/road to get into
      Huachuca City. The section in front George's property turns into a
      large mess during the monsoon season and then it turns into a rough
      road the rest of the year.

      Gene, if you'd like to feild this I'd appreciate it.

      Dave Parks
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