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100The Official Huachuca City Website has a new webmaster

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  • Craig D. Smith
    Dec 1, 2006
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      That would be me. Since the old site was so far out of date, I had to
      start from scratch but it is up and operational


      There is not much there at the moment but the little that is there
      should work

      There is a link to this group as the Senior Center and there is a
      link to the library page

      I just put an interactive calendar that will allow anyone to put
      their events but for security sake I will be the only one allowed to
      edit or delete events. So if the Library Board or Firemen want to
      schedule their meetings, they can. I still putting in the regular
      schedules meetings like Council, P&Z and Parks & Rec

      Ron Armstrong gave me the last couple of agendas and minutes which
      will be on the site for everyone to read. That will be the next part
      of this grand project.

      My feelings do not bruise easily and I am open to suggestions. Just
      remember the final approval of what is on the website will belong to
      the government of Huachuca City. I have some leeway but every time
      that I make a change to the site, I plan on notifying the Town Clerk
      and Council

      If you have any suggestions let me know
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