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Houston Investors Meeting HIA Sat. Nov 11

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  • Mel Babb
    The Houston Investors Association monthly meeting will take place Saturday, November 11, 2006 at Melcher Hall
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      The Houston Investors Association monthly meeting will take place Saturday, November 11, 2006 at Melcher Hall University of Houston Campus 4800 Calhoun Rd , Houston , TX .


      Check the website after Wed. evening for the upcoming SIG topics http://houstoninvestors.com/

      Click on Agenda to see the topics, go back a page and click on Room Schedule to see which room the SIG is in.


      This month we are pleased to have our own Bruce Robinson, now with TradeCrystal. His topic is:


      "Dealing with the Changing Market Environment"


       The markets are ever-changing and to be successful traders and investors, our approaches should adapt to these changes. This presentation is designed to explore two of these current changes, and detail some approaches to profiting from these changes. www.tradecrystal.com



         A review of the four year cycle and possibilities for the coming year

        For growth  fund investments, manager performance is decreasing
           How we measure this
           Some possible reason

        Sector analysis
           Why it is important
           Approaches to choosing sectors

        Stock baskets and their selection
           A sector approach
           Minimizing time requirements and costs


      About The Speaker

      Bruce Robinson, a member of HIA, has been a full-time investor, trading system developer, and consultant after spending 25+ years as a senior manager in various areas of advanced technology with degrees in engineering and an MBA. He has developed many of the timing and allocation strategies in use by numerous advisors and private investors. He is active in developing new investing techniques, and is also a frequent speaker at investment groups and conferences. Currently, he is involved in starting two web sites devoted to individual and professional investing systems.


      Topic information about the SIGS will be posted on the website http://houstoninvestors.com/

      when it becomes available.


      -- 08:30 AM --

      Stock Market SIG: Jeff Friedberg

      Derivatives / Advanced Options SIG: Steve Johnson and Jim McWilliams

      Trading 101 SIG: John Godell & Ron Stockstill


      -- 09:30 AM --

      Special Situations SIG: Gregor Riesser

      Mutual Fund SIG: Jimmy Hixson


      -- 10:45 AM --

      Club Business:    


      -- 11:00 AM --

      Main Meeting: Bruce Robinson


      -- 12:30 PM --

      Technical Analysis SIG: Ralph Brunet


      -- 1:45 PM –

      Internet SIG: Ralph Brunet


      Profitable Investing

      Mel Babb

      HIA Communications



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