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  • Dan Eggleston
    Some tidbits from Joe O Connell s blog. The first item here is hot off the non-presses: ABC moves The Deep End premiere up to January Jan. 21 at 7 p.m.
    Message 1 of 33 , Dec 11, 2009
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      Some tidbits from Joe O'Connell's blog. The first item here is hot off
      the non-presses:

      ABC moves 'The Deep End' premiere up to January

      Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. Central to be exact, an ABC rep revealed Thursday
      evening. The Deep End finishes a six-episode shoot at the Studios at
      Las Colinas this week. If you didn't already read my report from this
      set as published in The Dallas Morning News, it's here:

      It appears now that an additional episode order will be based on how
      the show does in the ratings in January.

      Bryan Poyser's 'Lovers of Hate' in Sundance

      A big congrats to Austin's Bryan Poyser (Dear Pillow), whose Lovers of
      Hate, which shot both in Austin and near where Sundance is held, was
      selected as a dramatic competition film for this year's Sundance Film

      To understand what a big deal this is for Poyser, read the opening of
      this Austin Chronicle article I wrote a while back:

      Independent Spirit award noms go to McCay, Humpday

      Film Independent announced its Spirit Award noms, which included
      Christian McKay of Richard Linklater's Me and Orson Welles for best
      supporting actor and Humpday--which premiered at the South by
      Southwest Film Festival--for the John Casavettes Award for films made
      for less than $500,000.

      Richard Linklater's 'Liars (A-E)' dies

      Austin filmmaker Richard Linklater calls himself a "promiscuous"
      filmmaker in an interesting interview with England's Guardian about Me
      and Orson Welles. He also talks a bit about how his planned road movie
      Liars (A-E) fell apart:

      This summer he was due to shoot a romantic comedy but the studios
      wouldn't play ball (what he saw as a mainstream outing, they saw as an
      art movie). He has tentative plans to make a third installment in the
      Before Sunrise/Sunset series, but he doesn't want to do it just
      because he can. "There are enough of those movies made as it is:
      sequels, remakes, franchises. It depresses me. It's the way the
      industry is going. They figure they can make these huge-ass Harry
      Potters, Batmans and Transformers, spend $200m on a surefire hit, and
      who cares about the quality? They've basically stopped making my kind
      of movies altogether."

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    • Dan Eggleston
      From Joe O Connell s blog @joeoconnell.com Send tips to filmnewsbyjoe@yahoo.com ABC s Killer Women
      Message 33 of 33 , May 21, 2013
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        From Joe O'Connell's blog @... <http://joeoconnell.com>
        Send tips to filmnewsbyjoe@... <mailto:filmnewsbyjoe@...>

        ABC's 'Killer Women' to shoot in New Mexico, not Austin

        It's a show about Texas Rangers set in San Antonio and the pilot shot in
        Austin, but the ABC series /Killer Women/ will lens in Albuquerque, my
        sources confirm.

        With the television networks, the decision usually comes down to dollars
        and cents, and this appears to be no exception. Simply put, filming
        incentives in New Mexico remain much more attractive than those offered
        in Texas.

        But at least we can enjoy a few fleeting Austin views in the trailer.

        It's the same story that has *Johnny Depp* star vehicle /The Long
        Ranger/ featuring scenic backdrops that you'd never find in the Lone
        Star State.

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