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Re: New to group & DD'ing

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  • marneliahamilton
    I also watched Oprah and I m definately interested. I live 1960/I-45 as well. Let s keep in touch. ... now. ... I ve ... always ... my ... bit ... especially
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 27, 2008
      I also watched Oprah and I'm definately interested. I live 1960/I-45
      as well.

      Let's keep in touch.

      --- In HoustonDumpsterDivers@yahoogroups.com, "geneandbrenda2004"
      <geneandbrenda2004@...> wrote:
      > Wells, theres 2 of us in this area of town, lets see what happens
      > --- In HoustonDumpsterDivers@yahoogroups.com, "mom2esd" <mom2esd@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey, ya'll:
      > > I'm new to the group and to DD'ing. I live in the NW part of
      > > Houston (I45/Louetta/1960) and would be open to the suggestion
      > > seen in other posts about getting together a group. I have
      > > been interested in DD'ing, just never got around to doing it on
      > > own. None of the friends I've talked to about are even a tiny
      > > interested in joining me and I think I'd really rather go with a
      > > buddy or friend or in a group. Just seems safer to me
      > > since it seems like alot or most DD'ing is done after dark.
      > >
      > > I'm watching Oprah (today is Wednesday 2-27) right now and she
      > > started out talking about "freegans" who DD at grocery stores for
      > > perfectly good food ~ all sorts from what I saw on the show:
      > > boxed/packaged foods, fresh/perishable foods like fruit & veg,
      > meat,
      > > chic, seafood (that one is the only one that scares me!) &
      > > When I heard they were DD'ing for food my 1st thought
      > > was GROSS OUT, but after seeing how one woman lives off of food
      > from
      > > DD and then a group doing a "tour" to DD for food it changed my
      > > mind. Seems like grocery stores throw out tons of totally good
      > > stuff. I mean PERFECTLY good stuff! Anyone here do this type of
      > > DD'ing?
      > >
      > > FYI: there is a big garage sale on Saturday (3-1-08) at the Klein
      > ISD
      > > Instructional Center (4411 Louetta Rd.). I am thinking it will
      > be
      > > pretty big since the Instructional Center is a fairly large and
      > there
      > > are signs posted about it all the Klein ISD schools I've
      > > passed by (to me that means maybe the staff at the schools are in
      > on
      > > it also which would make it an even bigger sale, ya know?). In
      > > experience sales put on by groups like this are
      > > usually the best ones: plenty of nice stuff and prices like
      > > should
      > > be at a garage sale, kwim? Too many garage sales out there are
      > > pricing stuff like its dipped in gold or new & right off the
      > > shelf. If I wanted to pay RETAIL prices I'd go to the store
      > > and pay it there~not in someone's drive-way. SHEESH!
      > >
      > >
      > > So anyone who wants to put a group together, let me know cuz I'd
      > love
      > > to join up w/ ya. It would be nice to join up and DD with folks
      > who
      > > dont think I'm crazy for wanting to do it AND who
      are "experienced"
      > > at it. I'm a DD'ing virgin!
      > >
      > > Thanks in advance~
      > > LA
      > >
    • Cherise Scally
      There is 4 of us now! It wont be long now till we can get started Freegan Style! Cherise
      Message 2 of 5 , Feb 27, 2008
        There is 4 of us now! It wont be long now till we can get started
        Freegan Style!
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