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RE: [Hostow_Galicia_Village] Re: I will be in Hostow

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  • Steven
    Hi Joe, You will enjoy visiting Hostiv, and you might even get a chance to ride on a horse and cart which is the main means of transport there. I would
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      Hi Joe,

      You will enjoy visiting Hostiv, and you might even get a chance to ride on a horse and cart which is the main means of transport there.  I would suggest you travel to the Town council building (a 3 story building in centre of town – you cannot miss it) and discuss what you are trying to achieve and purchase a copy of their recent publication History of village of Hostova which has been written from a Ukrainian perspective, visit the library there and visit the shops there (I think there are 3).  Unfortunately, it is written in Ukrainian  but there are a lot of pictures in it and many names of Ukrainians of people that participated in the wars.  With a bit of practice you can translate the names from Cyrillic script into English.   They also have an old building in the village when the  Greek Catholic church went underground that I believe is open as a museum, a large cemetery with lots of headstones, apparently a great view from the top of the hill above Hostiv, that was able to see across the whole valley in the south and observe the approaching Tatars.   I didn’t get to see the view from the Top, but it would be great if yo could post a photograph on the site after your trip.   There is one sealed road leading into the village.


      I looked at the name Ostapowich which I’m not that familiar with and may be correct. However, is there a chance it was actually Ostryzniuk, a very common name in Hostiv?  I understand that many Krysczuk/Kryszczuk moved to Poland near Wroclaw (in now Western Poland)  in 1945 after the war.







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      I am a relative of the Gaceks who live in Thunder Bay. Are you anywhere near there?

      I know my relatives spelled their name Krzyszczuk. We may be related. John Gacek is a decendent of the Krzyszczuks. He is quite old. Where do you live? When will you be leaving for the Ukraine?

      My mother was a Krzyszczuk. Grandpa was Antoni but not your Anton. He was born there in about 1890. He died in 1961. I was 6 years old when he died.


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      > Hello
      > I will be travelling from Canada to Ukraine in the summer of 2012. I am looking for information on my family. Joseph Kryschuk(my grandfather) was born to Anton & Anna (nee Ostapowich) Kryschuk in the Village of Hostiw, county of Tlumachiw close to the city of Stanislau, in Halychyna, on December 25, 1894. The county is now the rayon of Tlunachiw, and the province is Ivano-Frankiwsk, a new name for Stanislau, and the country is Ukraine.
      > I believe he may have used the name Josef Krysczuk in his travel to Canada.
      > If you have any information I would appreciate it. I would like to try and make a connection
      > Thanks
      > Joe

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