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Looking for Relatives in Ukraine

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  • karaszkewycz
    The way I found my wife s relative was: • Rang in advance each of the Head of each village in the search area – they are a wealth of knowledge. • Go to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2012
      The way I found my wife's relative was:

      • Rang in advance each of the "Head" of each village in the search
      area – they are a wealth of knowledge.
      • Go to the Ukrainian Search Engine "Meta" and type in the names in
      • If you know anyone there, they can look up the telephone directory
      on the web in either Ukrainian or Russian.

      It took me 5 years of searching before I found them If you can find someone to help over there, the search is much easier.

      While I am here:
      • let me introduce the new ÑÂ²É ÄÎ ÑÂÎÃÎ Ukrainian Business and
      Community Directory www.UkrainianBusinessDirectory.com we are developing. We have some 200 + pages which represents some 2000 web links to all over the Ukrainian world. We still have some 2 year of work to do – any help would be appreciated.
      • If you want to kept informed of the development of this site,
      advertise on this site or just have it on your desktop as a point reference, send me your email address at michael@...
      • After finding both sides of our families, I got a bit emotional and
      set up a website of my mother-in-laws destroyed village. See www.jamna.org
      • Since visiting Ukraine in Aug Sept 2010 I have become more Ukrainian
      than ever.

      Further, I found my wife's two cousins in the the city Ivano-Frankivst and village of Prybyliv in Ivano-Frankivst Oblast. This I believe it is the village "next door" to your village of Hostiv.

      We have fould all our families. In 2010 we visited 30 direct cousins and uncles in 9 week - wow what a trip. This was very rewarding and very eye-opening.

      This year we will be visiting four more. Hopefully that is it. Then we will start touring around Ukraine.

      Hope you all have the success we had.
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