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Krzyszczuk Gacek Barczuk and Archives

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  • Steven
    HI Karl, Thanks for your posting, great to have you on board discussing your family. Interestingly, names such as Krzyszczuk and Gacek appear to have been
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      HI Karl,

      Thanks for your posting, great to have you on board discussing your family.

      Interestingly, names such as Krzyszczuk and Gacek appear to have been quite common in Hostow/Hostiv in the late 1700’s. This can make things potentially very complicated. One can spend quite a lot of time looking through the microfilms available through the Church of Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, and viewable through your Local Latter Day Saints – Family History Centre.  The first 2 links take you to LDS search sites, and the third link takes you to a site where you are able to search for the closest family history centre to you.






      From our discussion, it appears that your family is one of the many clans we are trying to piece together.  As you know I have a direct line to both Gacek – on 2 lines and Krzyszczuk  on 1 line to date.   Your family data appears to be the following;



      G Grand Father :  Leon Krzyszczuk whose parents were Antoni  Krzyszczuk and Victoriai  Dumanska?

      G Grand Mother Marija Barczuk whose parents were Laurentii  Barczuk  and ???


      1.       Angella  Krzyszczuk  Born – 24 Sept 1879, House  Number  73  ( looks like they were in this a while – Jan her brother was born in 1884)

      God Parents – Stephanus Gacek and Justina Barczuk

      2.       Jan Krzyszczuk born 8/1//1884 had 2 children Katarzyna born in 1911 and Marya born in 1914.

      3.       Antoni – 7/8/1890

      4.       Mikolaj


      Unfortunately, the microfilms within the LDS are not complete, and there are huge gaps in records.  For example between 1840 and 1905 there is very little info relating to Marriage records.  Then for birth records there are huge gaps after around 1845.  This means that you will be trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without the pieces. Whilst in Poland I visited the Civil Records office ( Urzad Stanu Cywilnego M.ST.Warszawy.  00-987 Warszawa, ul Klopolowskiege 1/3.  Telephone:  (022) 25-79-600),  and obtained the birth record for my great grand father who was born in 1870, and my grandfather who was born in 1898.   In order to have access to this information you need to provide proof of direct linkage to the person, and information relating to other persons on the same page is censored.

      I was surprised with the 1870 birth records still being held in the civil archives and not at the historical archives which I also managed to spend a  day visiting (with assistance of course).  Even though the documents are 140 years old, it had still not been passes over to the historical archives.  It may be that in 1945 they placed many  records less than 100 years in the civil records?  The information collected by the  Roman Catholic priest for extended periods also collected official information for the Greek Catholics (Uniate Church) as well.  Note:   Copies of many  historical archives can also be accessed in Lviv, Ukraine  and the regional archives in Ivano Frankiv’sk.   Whilst in Ukraine, the archives in Ivano Frankiv’sk  were being restored. Hence, I’m a little uncertain on the holdings at the latter, except to say the following(remember this list may not be incomplete);

      Ivano Frankiv’sk Archive holdings

      Hostow- Roman Catholic Birth 1872-1903(included into Tysmienita)  631.1.651

      Hostow – Have no Greek Records

      Bohorodyczyn – Roman Catholic  Birth 1873-1927 (included in Tlumacz)

      Bohorodyczyn – No Greek Catholic Records


      Greek Catholic Births  1784-1820.   631.1.292

      Greek Catholic Births  1836-1862.   631.1.293

      Greek Catholic Births  1862-1884.   631.1.294

      Greek Catholic Births  1884-1905.   631.1.295

      Marriages  1784-1871   631.1.296

      Marriages 1784-1880  631.1.297

      Roman Catholic Births  1858-1904   631.1.298

      Roman Catholic Births  1874-1908  631.1.299

      Roman Catholic Births  1882-1904   631.1.300


      Could be some inform for Tarnowica Polna 1897-1930


      The civil archives holding in Poland and I suspect the same in Ukraine? is actually fantastic news in a way, as I thought that such  information may have been destroyed during the war.  Instead, we probably have a treasure trove of family information sitting in the Civil Records office in Warsaw etc .  Perhaps one day accessing this information will be easier, and no fee to pay.    It is critical to have this information at times for your family research - for me it was the only way I could positively connect generations together.


      Now, if you do decide to research through the LDS Files there are a number of microfilms that may be of used ( I’m hoping to borrow some of the Hostow ones in near future).  I have only looked at the Hostow/Tarnowica Polna microfilms;



      Hostow/Tarnowica Polna (have only viewed the following 3  films)

      2039892  Items 6 and 7

      2039933  Item 1

      2328803 Items 10, 11, 12, 13


      Other films to consider (need to check full description of each film on LDS Site)


      765886 Items 11-14   Urodzen 1785-1836

      2005220 Item 6 – Urodzen 1894-1943

      766074  Items 11-13


      2037640  Items 3-4

      2328925 Items 9-11


      Obertyn Catholic

      2037642  Item 1   Spis Familiy  1822-1945


      Zukow Rc

      757282-1, 4-5, 12



      2329187  Item 2 Przybylow Orodziem  1777-1781

      Item4   Przybylow  Akta Zgonow (1779)

      Items 5,2, 3, 4


      Ottynia  RC

      203764 Item 3-4







      2028929  Items 11-16


      1222388 Items 7-9

      1222389 Items 1-6. Item 5 has Babianka, Kryszwotyly Stary/Nowe

      1222390  Items 1-2. Item 2 Majdan Sredni



      If anyone has had experience or any corrections with any of the  archives outlined above it would be great to hear from you.  It is worth noting that in many of the files you will be give date ranges  The date range does not mean it includes all data – in fact there may be very little data in a file.


      I’m not sure about the holdings in Hostow/Hostiv itself at the Greek Catholic Church.  My understanding is that the Soviets levelled the old historic church in the early 1980’s when the locals wouldn’t change from Greek Catholic to Orthodox.  Hence, documentation may also have been destroyed.   We do need to get confirmation on what documents still reside in Hostiv today.  









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      I am posting from a cell phone and this site has no mobile link so I cannot edit and review.

      Short and sweet version:

      My known family, from the Hostow/Tarnowica area, is in the Krzyszczuk family with marriages with the Gacek, Fediuk and Stelmaszczuk families, so far, that I know of.

      My grandfather and great uncle, Anthony and Nicholas, Krzyzczuk and Krzczuk, came separately to North America in the vicinity of 1900 and never returned to their place of birth.

      I have been in email contact with Steve, for a couple of days. If anyone here has knowledge or connection(s) to the small group of families I mentioned, let me know and let's talk, we may be distant cousins. I am looking for connections to my family because I think it is good to know. My motive is not intrusive. I can only imagine what it was like to say good-bye to one's family and NEVER hold them in my arms, again.

      That is what Nick and Tony did. For me, their grandnephew and grandson, that picture in my mind, fills my eyes with tears, as I know it did to my mother, Tony's daughter and Nick's niece.



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