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Kruk and Obertyn

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  • Steve
    Hi Irene, Great to see that you ve signed up. As we ve discussed in past there were quite a few Kruk s(Raven s in English) in Hostów. You ve noted quite that
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2007
      Hi Irene,
      Great to see that you've signed up. As we've discussed in past there
      were quite a few Kruk's(Raven's in English) in Hostów. You've noted
      quite that this name appears in Obertyn/Horodenka area as well. I've
      also been told that Kruk and Gacek which were quite common in the
      Hostów area were present is present in Zbaraz/Ternopil area. As
      Obertyn and Hostow are only 20-30km apart, and I know my Grandfather
      lived in Bohorodyczyn for a while(very close to Obertyn), there is a
      possability that there may be some connection many years ago - I
      we will never find that connection. The village of Hostow appears to
      have been more strongly connected to Otynia than Tlumacz.
      Looking through my records for the surname Kruk(my records are not
      very complete), I found the following;
      * Helena Kruk Married Wicenty Plaza in 1895
      * Michalia Kruk born 1846 ( Father Szymon Kruk, mother Agn.
      * Rozalia Kruk born 1866 (father Wictora, Mother Katorrzyny Hajdarz)
      * Razali Kruk born 1876. Married Sabastyan Kolt in 1891(father was
      Kazimerz adn mother was Juli Jaconkowskiej??)
      * Andrej Kruk Married Marya Gacek(born 1856). His father was Szymona
      and Agn Stelmarzczuk. They had a son Michal Kruk(Born 1/8/1880). *
      Andrzej had a brother Jakob whos was born on 2/5/1871.

      * Wiktorya KRuk Married Ignacy Lyszienczuk 23/11/1844
      * Agnes Kruk Married Andreas Markiewicz and had a son Joannes in
      1819 - Anna Kruk Born(Parents were - Blazius Kruk amd Rosalia

      I only had fortuitous references for Kruk. Hence, Kruk must
      have been quite common in the whole area??.


      Steve Grzegorczyn
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