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9RE: [Hostow_Galicia_Village] Andrzejczuk ???? Jaciuk and Yaciuk

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  • grecko1
    Jan 18, 2008

      Hi Anna,

      I know you are aware that the surnames you are researching “Andrzejczuk/Andrejciuk/Andrzejciuk  and Jaciuk/JaciukYachuk etc and other spellings were not unique to the Tlumacz area.    In fact there were Jaciuk’s that resided prior to both wars within the boundaries of current day Poland – eg Lublin and Siedlce area.


      Within my family there were Andrzejczuk’s that settled in Canada post WWII. However, this does not match you time period, and you also made mention of Povit Borshciw.  The latter may be the same location as Borszczow  (dot above the second o) when under Polish rule -  you may find  link D below useful.     You will see there are 2 administration districts separating Tlumacz and Borszczow.


      I have included a few useful sites below – you may already be aware of these



      Good Luck










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      Through this site you can ask questions to the group – there are some very knowledgeable people on this 900+ member site who will be able to guide you on best way to find Canadian and US records.




      Map of East Galicia Administration districts





      LDS site for accessing micro films containing village birth, death and marriage  records.

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      My Great Grandfather (Andrew) came to Canada between 1902 - 1906 from
      Selo Nowashiwka, Povit Borshciw, Province of Galicia , Ukraine ,
      Austria . He cames with his brothers; Jacob, Nykola, Michael, Paul and
      Wasyl. They settled in Pine River , Manitoba area. He left behind two
      sisters; Michalina and Marenka; both married and had families. I know
      that they changed the spelling of the last name to Andreychuk and
      Andrechuk. If anyone is related to these people or knows anything
      about them or the families please let me know. Thank you

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