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81RE: [Hostow_Galicia_Village] where is Karalufka,

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  • grecko1
    Sep 1, 2013


      It is actually quite hard sometimes to confirm the actual location of your ancestral village due to there being more than one village that is spelt the same or similar.


      Others may be able to add more



      (Key in page 853 and 854 and you will find some references  for  Karolówka -  Karolo~wka)


      The village name on the site should have been spelt  Korolo~wka instead of  Karolo~wka, which has now been corrected.  The village Korolówka (Korolo~wka) is now known also as Korolivka on one current Ukrainian map


      I hope this may be of some help







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      hello, I am researching my grandmothers history. Can anyone tell
      me is the village name Karalufka the same as Karolowka? And is
      Karolowka now called Karolivka? Some have told me she came from
      Karalufka, some research tells me Karolowka. I am confused, I
      realize that in 1896 it was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. But where is it today?

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