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53Scottish / Swedish Ancestors

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  • ibaranski
    Oct 21, 2009
      Hello Steven,
      I have tried to make connections hoping to find my Scottish and Swedish ancestors and have not been successful.  I wrote to the Swedish Military asking for help.  Their response was that they did not keep records that early.  I also was told when I was researching and hoping to find my Swedish Ancestor that when a young male enlisted in the military he did not use his given surname since the name he was given was generally son of.......for example. Jacobson. Peterson, Johnson etc. Since there were so many "sons of ",  they were told to pick another name that could be the town name that they came from or a personality trait or other names.  As I understand my ancestor took on the name "Kilar".  I found a Swedish definition of the word "kila" translated into English and it meant fast moving.  Apparently he took on his personality trait.   I told some cousins about this translation and their reply was " WOW" that describes us. 
      When I was researching my Scottish ancestor I received an e-mail telling me to check the town in Scotland named "Gaw".  My Scottish ancestor took on the name Gawlinski.  I checked the town and found what appeared to me that everyone had the name "GAW".  I did not get very far with this.  What appeared to be an easy job turned out to be overwhelming.  I moved on and have not gotten back to finding where my Swedish and Scottish ancestors came from. 
      I thank you for your interest.