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25RE: [Hostow_Galicia_Village] I've noticed that Moskaluk name is not part of the town of Hostiw

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  • grecko1
    Jun 4, 2008

      Hi Don,

      Thought I would note that apart from my surname Grzegorczyn.  Smiegel(or Szmigiel) is also in my family tree, as are the following;

      Szeremeta, Marsylewicz, Markiewicz, Andrzejczuk, Ostryzniuk, Krzyszczuk, Wdowiak, Hajdasz, Fediuk, Holij, Chryn, Gacek.  I’m sure many with a Polish spelt name living in Poland have a Ukranian spelling for those that may have remained in Hostow.  I came across a version of what I believe may be my  surname for people that may still still in Ottynia (not far from Hostow/Hostiv) and it was spelt “Hrehorashen”. In Ukrainian the G changes to a H. Another Ottynian name is Markovych which may be Markiewicz in Poland .   I must admit it still amazes me  that  Jan, Ivan and John is one and the same – my fathers name was Jan.


      Some Moskolnik’s also live in Argentina – site link is in the links on the web site. However, the direct page that may interest you is;




      it also lists a few versions of your surname.   Its worth noting that quite of few people from Hostow immigrated to Argentina .

      Whilst the following site;



      is in Spanish, it clearly shows the following  people being in Argentina in 1920


      Allí aparecen los señores Adam Whon, Juan Raczkowski, Antonio Fassa, Antonio Antoniow, Juan Kruchowski, Juan Zach, Miguel Gregorczyn, Juan Huk, Pedro Soja, Antonio Terlecki, Miguel Antoniow, Martín Wdowiak, Pablo Hajdasz, Floriano Idzi, Pedro Maruniak, Wojciech Wdowiak



      The names of Hajdarz, Wdowiak, Huk and Gregorczyn  in my opinion are all likely to have immigrated from Hostow / Tarnowica Polna and are somehow related to many of us in the group.   Addresses/phone numbers appear to be accessible over the internet(white pages) when I looked some time back for those in Buenos Aires . I actually found 3 Gregorczyn addresses and phone numbers when I looked.


      Earlier this year I was planning my own trip to Hostow. It was to follow a trip to England with an elderly relative. However, the England trip fell through due to health issues.  It may be back on the agenda some time next year or the year after.


      It would be great if during you Hostow/ Hostiv  visit you would be kind enough to advertise the web site in the Hostow Post office and at the Hostow museum which I understand has opened.  I hope your Ukrainian and Cyrillic script is doing well??



      Good Luck


      Kind Regards,


      Steve Grzegorczyn










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      Subject: Re: [Hostow_Galicia_Village] I've noticed that Moskaluk name is not part of the town of Hostiw


      Wow that is amazing.  My Grand Father was named Ivan.  It kinda funny that some of the names I do recognize.  My late father and his neighbour Smiegel use to get together from time to time. 


      I heading towards Hostiw this summer and hopefully will get some videos and find out more about the town.  I also know that my cousins are running the post office and store.  Hopefully they can send me some information. 


      Yeah, the J in the could be the polishsized version of Ivan and Moskolnik sure can be spealt wrong.  Even today people spell the name wrong why wouldn't that be different then?  Especially if you directly translated it from Ukrainian or slavic spelling to Polish.  Hmmm.


      Thanks for your Help


      Dr. Don Moskaluk


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      Subject: RE: [Hostow_Galicia_ Village] I've noticed that Moskaluk name is not part of the town of Hostiw

      Hi Don,

      Welcome to the group. Thanks for the comments regarding your grandfather - it would be great to hear more one day.  


      You may be interested in looking at the following link to the 1929 Polish Business Directory which finds Hostow; ( link is  also available in the links from the website)


      http://data. jewishgen. org/jri-pl/ 1929/loadtop. htm?1482



      Sure enough it has a J, Moskolnik  listed as the Kawale.  They sometimes got the spelling wrong?   Other surnames on the list include some the other new members may be interested in. These include;





      Kruk   and






      Steven Grzegorczyn


      PS to all


      I have uploaded my grandparents wedding photo onto the site.  It would be great if anyone who had photo’s of Hostow (Historical or New) had the time to upload them in the “photos” option of the website. Also,  if anyone has encountered and  specific links for Hostow/Tarnowica Polna area  not already listed on website, you are able to upload the link yourself or alternatively please send me a link and I will add it.





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      Subject: [Hostow_Galicia_ Village] I've noticed that Moskaluk name is not part of the town of Hostiw


      I've noticed that Moskaluk name is not part of the town of Hostiw . Can
      you please add Moskaluk to the family names of Hostiw. It seems that
      Moskaluk have been there for over a hundred years and Ivan Franko use
      to come an visit the town to talk with my grand father (as he was local
      black smith).


      Don Moskaluk


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