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18RE: [Hostow_Galicia_Village] Searching For Family Roots

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  • grecko1
    May 17, 2008

      Hi Mitch,

      Thanks for joining the group. I suspect you don’t have specific information relating to your ancestral village – Do you know your grandfathers ancestral village?


       I haven’t heard of the surname before however, I did go to the maxipages link below



      and found the following researcher looking at Borodenko



      Contact Henryk Drewniak




      This is certainly worth a look.


      Also joining the Polish Border Surnames site ( see B below)


      And /OR  joining




      is worth considering.


      Posting a question on either the Polish Border Surnames or the Galicia_Poland_Ukraine would be a good step forward.

      I recommend that you first undertake some research to confirm your ancestral village(if you are able), and quote this as well when asking questions.



      Hope this is of some assistance



      Good Luck,













      Through this site you can find other people researching same or similar surnames.



      HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to Polish Border Surnames user group

      To subscribe, send the word "SUBSCRIBE" (without the quotes) as the only text in the subject line in an email to polandbordersurnames-l-request@... (mail mode) or polandbordersurnames-d-request@... (digest mode).





      Through this site you can ask questions to the group – there are some very knowledgeable people on this 900+ member site who will be able to guide you on best way to find Canadian and US records.




      Map of East Galicia Administration districts





      LDS site for accessing micro films containing village birth, death and marriage  records.










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      Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 9:09 AM
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      Subject: [Hostow_Galicia_Village] Searching For Family Roots


      Hello Group
      I'm looking for info on my grand father's family who came from this
      area. Last name was Borodenko or Borodenka. Was changed to Berdinka
      when his kids attended school in this country. I met up with a Bruno
      Borodenko several years ago in Seattle who immigrated here with his
      family from Ukraine .

      Mitch Berdinka

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