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The Green Horse - December 2006

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  • Elizabeth Clark
    To view this email as a web page, go here . The Green Horse Promoting the equestrian lifestyle
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2006
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      The Green Horse
      Promoting the equestrian lifestyle within a sustainable environment

      December 2006

      The official newsletter of Horses for Clean Water,
      Published on the 10th of each month by Alayne Blickle, Director of Horses
      for Clean Water

      In this issue...
      * Message from Alayne: This Is a Test
      * Tips for Using Native Plants
      * Free Trees!
      * Impacts of Flooding on Trees
      * Should We Worry About E. coli On Small Horse Farms?
      * Northwest Organic Dairy and Egg Producer Receives Certification
      * Educational Events


      Horses For Clean Water Logo Sweatshirt
      Priced at $27.97
      Take a look at this month's featured HCW product. And don¹t forget to browse
      our CafePress store and find something that will show your support for HCW
      programs and the environmentally sensitive horsekeeping message! If
      you need a shirt for your favorite guy or kid, browse our CafePress store
      <http://www.cafepress.com/horsefcwater/> and find something that will show
      your support for HCW programs and the environmentally sensitive horsekeeping


      Message from Alayne: Message from Alayne: I See Manure Everywhere
      This month marks the time of year when you can evaluate how well you have
      set up your place for chore efficiency. December 21st is the shortest day
      and the longest night of the year. To a horse person, this means that on
      this day your greatest challenge will be getting home from work and
      accomplishing your horse-related chores. It also means you can turn this day
      into something fun: a test for how chore-efficient your horse property is.
      Find out how you score when it comes to chore-efficiency! Click here
      <http://www.horsesforcleanwater.com/thegreenhorse/12_2006.html#article1> to
      read Alayne's message.


      Tips for Natives: December is Conservation District Tree Sale month!
      During this month conservation districts across the nation begin advertising
      and accepting orders for their annual native plant sales. In this article
      you'll find out some of the reasons why native plants a great thing for any
      horse property. Contact your local conservation district, resource
      conservation district or soil and water conservation district to find out
      when and how you can start ordering your native plants! Click here
      <http://www.horsesforcleanwater.com/thegreenhorse/12_2006.html#article2> to
      read more.


      Free trees!
      Do you live in the May Creek or Harris Creek watershed of King County? If
      so, you may be eligible for FREE native plants for your stream or wetland!
      Click here
      <http://www.horsesforcleanwater.com/thegreenhorse/12_2006.html#article3> to
      find out more.


      Should We Worry About E. coli On Small Horse Farms?
      Lately, with E. coli being in the news so often, I¹ve been wondering if it¹s
      safe to give my horse a big smooch on the nose when I greet him. Am I
      setting myself up for some lingering pathogenic bacteria to latch on to me?
      With increasing incidents of E. coli outbreaks in our environment, or more
      specifically, the dangerous strain of E. coli 0157:H7, I started looking for
      answers to my horse kissing question. Keep reading
      <http://www.horsesforcleanwater.com/thegreenhorse/12_2006.html#article4> to
      see what I found out.


      Northwest Organic Dairy and Egg Producer Receives Certification for
      Environmentally Friendly Farming: Wilcox Family Farms is one of the largest
      organic egg and dairy producers in the Northwest. This fall the family farm
      received an award for being Salmon Safe from Stewardship Partners, a
      non-profit group that helps private landowners restore and preserve natural
      resources. Click here
      <http://www.horsesforcleanwater.com/thegreenhorse/12_2006.html#article5> to
      read more.


      Educational Events
      Join HCW staff at these upcoming events this winter. Click here
      <http://www.horsesforcleanwater.com/thegreenhorse/12_2006.html#article6> or
      visit the Educational Events page
      <http://www.horsesforcleanwater.com/schedules/> for more detailed class

      Newport, OR
      HCW in Oregon
      December 11th to 14th
      Lincoln and Lane Counties
      Learn ways to reduce mud and great options for managing manure. Contact the
      Lincoln Soil and Water Conservation District, 541-265-2631 or e-mail.

      Belfair, WA
      Winter Horse Property Series
      Mondays, January 15th to 29th, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
      This FREE three day series in Mason County will teach horse and livestock
      owners techniques for reducing mud, managing manure and helping pastures
      becoming productive. Learn things you can do now to make your horse property
      run more smoothly, be healthier for your animals, and have less mud and
      manure. Pre-registration is encouraged. Contact Karin Strelioff at the Mason
      Conservation District at 360-427-9436 or e-mail for registration and
      additional information.

      Canby, OR
      Clackamas County Horses and Mud Workshop
      Saturday, January 27, 2007, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (doors open at 8:30)
      4-H Building, Clackamas County Fairgrounds, 694 N.E. 4th Ave., Canby, OR
      Join Horses for Clean Water and Oregon State University Extension Service
      for an all day workshop on horse property management. Learn wonderful
      techniques to protect horse health, enhance farm productivity and improve
      chore efficiency. For more information contact Melissa Fery, Small Farms
      Agent, at 541-766-3553 or e-mail. Registration forms are also available for
      this event at Oregon Small Farms (OSU).

      Preston, WA
      Workshops for Horse and Small Farm Owners
      Thursday evenings, January 25, February 1, 15 and 22, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
      During these hands-on workshops on livestock management practices you will
      see a variety of options and you will work with technicians to discover ways
      to have less mud, better pastures and manage manure. To register and receive
      directions contact the King Conservation District at 425-277-5581x120 or
      * Streams and Wetlands: Living with Livestock near Water. January 25th
      * Mud Management: Record Rainfall/Record Mud. February 1st
      with Alayne Blickle as a guest speaker
      * Manure Management: Got Livestock? Got Manure! February 15th
      with Alayne Blickle as a guest speaker
      * Pasture Management: Becoming a Grass Farmer. February 22nd

      Monroe, WA
      Snohomish Horse 4-Hers¹ Equine-A-Rama
      Saturday, February 3rd, 10:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
      Evergreen State Fairgrounds
      HCW will be part of this great 4-H event and will present a mud, manure and
      pasture workshop. Learn great ways to get rid of mud on your horse property,
      manage manure and keep those pastures green. 4-Hers can attend this event to
      work towards their HCW Field & Class Badge. Open to Snohomish County 4-H
      leaders, club members and parents. Registration not necessary but for more
      details e-mail or call 425-432-6116.

      Monroe, WA
      Tour Beyond Paradise Farm
      Saturday, February 10th, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
      Tour a 4-H family farm. This Snohomish 4-H family has worked hard to manage
      mud, manure and pastures for chore efficiency and horse health‹and they are
      keeping in mind what¹s best for the environment. View small acreage pastures
      managed to reduce mud and improve pasture productivity. Meet some friendly
      Shagya Arabians bred for their temperament as well as endurance riding. See
      wildlife-friendly ways to control unwanted bugs. Find out about 4-H, Shagya
      Arabians and resources available to you to help you reduce mud and manage
      manure. Snohomish County 4-Hers can attend this event to work towards their
      HCW Field & Class Badge. FREE and open to anyone! For details or to register
      e-mail or call 425-432-6116.


      If you have any questions or would like to submit an article for publication
      in The Green Horse <http://www.horsesforcleanwater.com/thegreenhorse/>,
      please e-mail info@....
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