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Horse Farm Tour on Wildlife Enhancement, 8/27/03

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    Habitat for Wildlife on Horse Farms *Tour Alayne Blickle s Horses for Clean Water Farm in Maple Valley, WA* There are many wildlife enhancement techniques
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      Habitat for Wildlife on Horse Farms
      *Tour Alayne Blickle's Horses for Clean Water Farm in Maple Valley, WA*

      There are many wildlife enhancement techniques useful on horse farms that can
      make life more enjoyable for you and your horses as well as provide habitat
      for small, beneficial wildlife such as birds, amphibians, reptiles, squirrels,
      bats and more. Join us on Wednesday, August 27th, from 6:30pm to 8pm to tour
      a Maple Valley, WA working horse farm with many useful wildlife enhancement
      techniques in place.

      Some of the techniques we will look at include swallow boxes for insect
      control, hedgerow fences, arena dust control with native hedges, trees for summer
      shade and winter mud management, privacy buffers of native plants, protecting
      trees from livestock, landscaping with native plants, and ways to discourage
      unwanted barnyard visitors such as opossums, rodents, and starlings.

      Wildlife enhancement can provide beauty, relaxation, enjoyment and
      educational opportunities as well as an opportunity for horse owners to "give back"
      something to wildlife. Join us on this guided educational event to learn about
      the needs of wildlife and how to encourage the animals you want as well as
      discourage unwanted wildlife.
      Also at this event you can meet resource professionals, find out about tax
      reduction programs, pick up educational materials, learn about other programs
      available to livestock owners and have fun horse'n around!

      To register and receive a map to this FREE event contact the King
      Conservation District at 206-764-3410, ext. 125 or Roseanne.Campagna@.... You
      don't have to own horses or have a farm to attend.

      For questions on Horses for Clean Water:

      Alayne Renee Blickle, Program Director
      Horses for Clean Water
      Maple Valley, WA


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