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  • handmadeheritage
    Nov 1, 2013

      Dianna, my 13 and 10 yr old girls would love to trade ATCs with your daughters. Have your girls heard of them before? Did they like those tutorials? ( http://www.youtube.com/user/SwapShopTutorials ) Email me directly and we can figure out the details... basketmomof4 at msn dot com. We're in Delaware; it'd be cool to do a from-coast-to-coast trade. 


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      Hi! I have two daughters that love art! :) I am sure they would love ATCs. My girls are 11 & 13 ( soon 12 & 14). We live in Southern California.
      Dianna Pacheco

      On Friday, November 1, 2013 6:25 AM, michelle visser <basketmomof4@...> wrote:
      My daughter is 10, but is fine swapping with a 4 yo. especially w the rainbow theme--you happened to pick my daughter's absolute favorite theme for everything. she absolutely loves all things rainbow.


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      Hi Michelle :)

      My daughter would love to trade, how old is yours?  I do swaps on swapbot for the most part for ATC's, but also on some facebook groups.  We pick a theme and center around that, send out by a picked deadline.  If you want feel free to email me at sapsmama at yahoo dot com, we can go over some details!  If I make the swap public I'm sure many of our on line friends will join in, we don't have many kiddos her age around here so she doesn't have many inperson friends except for her class.  She has been bugging me to make a swap for Rainbow themed ATC's if your daughter likes that idea!


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      My daughter asked if your daughter would like to trade? You mentioned a swap you organized? If you have other kids who would like to do a swap with kids in DE, my daughter can organize some friends and neighbors and do a swap with your daughter and friends. What state are you in?

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      Yes I make them!  They're alot of fun and my daughter just loves going through my stack of pretty cards!   Since she enjoyed it so much I made a swap specificlaly for kids to make cards, and for adults in kids theme, for kids to get nice cards in the mail.  My daughter is only 4 yo so she doesn't have a ton of skill lol.  It's alot of fun!


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