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3418RE: Mini Art for Educational purposes?

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  • mphin278
    Oct 29, 2013

      I love this idea, and did try it out.  When my daughter was studying ducks I made a swap for Duck themed ATCs, etc.  Basically pick a fact and create a card around it (species, behavior, etc.).  There wasn't much interest so I haven't tried again, though right now we're focusing on France so that would be a fun one I think!  


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      theme them,  History should be easy, science too.  Make sets that go with the topic, you can find clip art and sayings from the earliest times to current affairs.    States and capitals,  lots of ideas come to mind, and sharing is totally a great idea!  English you could do parts of speech,
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      Subject: [Homeschool_Links_and_Forms] Mini Art for Educational purposes?

      I know a few of us on here were talking about ATCs a while back. ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are 2.5 x 3.5" trading cards, the size of baseball cards, that kids make themselves and trade with others. I'm wondering if anyone has used them for educational purposes?

      My daughters have enjoyed them for years and we even had a monthly club of fellow homeschoolers who met in our home and made and traded together for a few hours once a month last school year. But I'm wondering about all the many ways I could use them educationally as well and was hoping someone else has done so. I have encouraged my daughters to make a card about something we've learned occasionally, such as the day we ID'd a wild flower in our backyard, my daughter and I both made ATCs of the flower. (I included some facts we learned about the wildflower on my ATC, which I gave to my daughter. I'm attaching a picture, but not sure if I'm doing that right.)

      (I know teachers in traditional classrooms make and trade with other classrooms across the country or around the world, and I'm wondering if they do this solely as a geography lesson or if they might incorporate other lessons as well.)

      Here's an article that was in Family Fun a few years ago about ATCs (this article is actually where we first heard of them): http://spoonful.com/crafts/artist-trading-cards

      Any thoughts or ideas you have, I'd love to hear them.

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