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Re: [Homebrew_PCBs] Harbor Freight Laminator

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  • jeremy hodder
    that Laminator is currently on sale 19.99
    Message 1 of 35 , Oct 20, 2011
      that Laminator is currently on sale 19.99

      On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:08 PM, leeleduc <leeleduc@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Just tried a Harbor Freight 9" laminator (#92499) costing $28. The box it
      > came in says it reaches 300 degrees. After a 0.032" board was run through a
      > few times,it was very hot to the touch. Shows promise. I've posted a photo
      > of my first try in the Harbor Freight Laminator file. The board outline is
      > 10 mil in width. Looks like it may be a viable, inexpensive laminator.
      > Printer used: Samsung ML-2525W
      > Paper used: Staples Color Laser Paper #633215.
      > I'm going to try this again when my Pulsar TTP arrives. Pulsar is the paper
      > I usually use.

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    • Tony Smith
      ... once I had ... from ... following ... Ignore everything bar autotuning - it sets most of those options for you. They are pretty simple, but it s one of
      Message 35 of 35 , Aug 1, 2012
        > I thought a temp controller should be easier to figure out, and I guess
        once I had
        > it in hand the 4 pages of instructions in the 8 page manual would convert
        > japanese to english. It might be interesting solve the riddle of what the
        > terms in the manual mean when programming it:
        > LBA deadband
        > autotuning
        > proportional band/cycle
        > integral time
        > derivative time
        > anti-reset windup
        > proportional cycle

        Ignore everything bar autotuning - it sets most of those options for you.

        They are pretty simple, but it's one of those things that's simple when you
        know how, but in general you set the temperate you want, run autotune and
        that's it. You won't find a 'Dummies' guide, like most industrial stuff
        you're supposed to know what you're doing if you buy one.

        The manuals are generic and list every possible option, it's unlikely the
        controller you buy supports it. For example one I brought has a C/F degrees
        display option, you can change it but it only shows Celcius (fine for me,
        YMMV). The $20 eBay ones are usually REX C100 series clones, Google will
        find plenty of info.

        For a laminator these are fine, bearing in mind the output is a 3A relay.

        'LBA deadband' triggers an alarm if the controller detects the heater isn't
        warming up fast enough, so for an oven maybe you left the door open or
        something. Nice but not something you really need.

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