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271RE: [Holder12] inner hull drain hole

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  • Wayne Carney
    Dec 2, 2003
      Hi Gail,

      > Question: Do all the H12's have drain holes
      > in the transoms to drain the innerhull cavity?

      Look for the plastic screw located to the left of center on the transom. If
      your boat doesn't have one I'd suggest adding one. ( Ronstan 295 or an
      equivalent type drain plug )

      ALSO -

      The hull must have a vent hole somewhere. This would be a 1/16" hole -
      probably behind a fitting or the name-plate. I haven't looked, but this hole
      has to exist to allow the hull to equalize with the outside atmosphere so
      the hull doesn't split a seam in hot weather. On the other hand, your
      friend's problem sounds more like a leak. It could be at the hiking strap
      mounts, mast step, daggerboard trunk, cockpit drain sleeve, or deck-to-hull
      seam - somewhere a lot of water is present during sailing.

      To find a leak find the inner hull drain plug. Gently apply air pressure by
      blowing at the hole using a vacuum cleaner exhaust function. DO NOT
      pressurize the hull by holding the nozzle against the drain hole - you WILL
      blow apart the hull seams. While blowing air at the drain hole have someone
      spray soapy water at all the likely spots. Look for bubbles.

      Oh yeah - with that much water getting in it would be very prudent to
      install an inspection port and dry out the inner hull before the floatation
      gets waterlogged or the hull starts to delaminate.

      Happy Hunting,

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